Monday, July 21, 2008

long time no write

wow, it's been a whole month since my last entry and much has happened. kind of.

I went white water rafting and tandem kayaking for the first time in my life! In the kayak we wiped out in a class 3 or 4 rapid called Brown's Hole on the Mckenzie River in OR. We got stuck under the water, under the kayak for a little bit. It was weird. But we survived and got back in the kayak after being saved by our friends in the raft.

Then two or so weeks later I went camping at the Rogue River in Southern OR to kayak with Michelle, her niece, and two other awesome families. We spent about 4 days out on the river and I kayaked all by myself and had a grrreat time! They said the river is "warm", the warmest in OR. Well it may be the warmest in OR but it is by no means what one would call warm. But it did feel good because it was HOT in the air world. We swung from a rope into the water like tarzan and i got a little bit of poison oak. Just a littttle. Like two spots on my leg. Everyone wanted to eat the food we brought cause it was so yum and we cook yum. we be good yum cooks. Michelle and I. Michelle is also my roommate.

Oh yeah! we recently decorated the spare bedroom and it looks fabulous. I'll get a picture up for you.

Is anyone out there??