Thursday, May 28, 2009

new song

well a new old song... you've all ready listened to just PB&J thank you buttttttt

here's a recent version i did with a guy named Eric Owyoung, talented man. We collaborated and created a new pbj song. listen here:

love ya'll

Monday, May 11, 2009

airport crap

ugh. i'm at the airport again going to california and they've just added another fun thing to do for check in! not.

i'm wearing a dress.

not only do I have to take off my shoes, take out the computer, put everything in those stupid little bins to go through the big xray ride (which i don't mind doing, because i don't want to get blown up)



this time

I had to stand in this outerspace shuttle launcher looking device, I had no idea what it does and I hate doing stuff without being told the reason.

at least the guy working said "you might want to hold your dress down"

so i did.

i think i briefly heard someone say it's gonna shoot air at you. okay.

i get there, waiting waiting waiting, holding my dress down waiting and BLAST! BLAST!

ok i squeeked a little because I was so surprised, and it's a good thing I WAS holding my dress geeeez

when I got out I asked him what that was for?? he ignored me... on to the next lady through the normal walk through metal detector whatever thing, ignored again! I sternly shouted, "somebody tell me why I was violated with air!!"

well, i thought that and didn't actually say it but I would have!
if reality was the world in my mind.

she finally said, "bla bla bla something" wow thanks for the explanation... the lady behind me who went through unviolated enlightened me that the air blows off particles and tests them to see if there is any bomb residue and stuff like that.

well it's good thing I clean up well.

just kidding, that's horrible, sorry.

So now here I am, waiting by the pianist in the main lobby of the airport of Portland, the part right after you get through security, it's nice here. He's playing piano to pre-recorded music, I prefer JUST piano myself, but it's better than nothing i guess. Thank you Charles Suniga, from whence does your last name come?

you look like a regular eastern european guy.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Gayle Gayle songbird Gayle!

You say you like good music, do you? if yes, go here:

you won't be disappointed. we're touring a little tour, meeting up in santa cruz CA and playing some shows all the way up to Seattle!!!

both Gayle and I play a variety of quirky instruments so i can't wait to back her up on her songs. i just like her a lot! this will be our second little tour together!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Lauren Hurt Photography

A beautiful woman by the name of Lauren Hurt gave me an impromptu photo shoot in her living room.

I hate being in front of a camera, but she has a special way of making a person feel comfortable and loved and pretty - she made me feel more at ease than ever before:)

You should definitely check out her photos:

or you can just look at the list of links on the right and click on her name! it's so simple as 123 click.

Believe me, I'm a difficult person to take photos of because I feel so squirmy and i usually look so awkward! but yeah, she's really good and you can hire her for portraits and weddings and probably any artistic thing you could think of involving photography.

btw: i made that red beanie woo

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

new music for you?

if you haven't yet.... meet Amy Seeley.

extraordinary songstress. is songstress a word? i don't know.
that's okay.

what i'm trying to say is go listen to her! she is captivating, even more so live.

i just like her music so much i want you to enjoy it toooo:)

Sunday, May 3, 2009


so... i have this blog and I know at least two people look at it but still sometimes I just don't know what to say on here even though there are many thoughts skipping across my mind constantly.

i'm always thinking about something. it's rare when i'm blank but it happens.

do you have one or two things that are persistently making you think of them?
or it? yet this life is so short and still fear keeps me from saying or doing what i really desire.

why am i so afraid of rejection? like last night at the airport there was an elderly man standing with a grip on his wheel chair and a cane in the seat. He was waiting for the little roller coaster thingy to bring his luggage. He had to brace himself to get a grip on that luggage, and i wanted to help him, but i was afraid he'd reject my help. Well he grabbed it with some difficulty and so i thought just ask! just ask! so when he was struggling a little to put that bag in the seat of the wheelchair I did it! I asked can i help you and without looking at me, he said, no i got it. I turned away quickly, feeling stupid and tried to pretend i never asked.

but i did. ask.

i get it, men don't like women to help them with stuff like that, which isn't bad but... i don't know. all i know is that i asked even though i was afraid.