Sunday, May 3, 2009


so... i have this blog and I know at least two people look at it but still sometimes I just don't know what to say on here even though there are many thoughts skipping across my mind constantly.

i'm always thinking about something. it's rare when i'm blank but it happens.

do you have one or two things that are persistently making you think of them?
or it? yet this life is so short and still fear keeps me from saying or doing what i really desire.

why am i so afraid of rejection? like last night at the airport there was an elderly man standing with a grip on his wheel chair and a cane in the seat. He was waiting for the little roller coaster thingy to bring his luggage. He had to brace himself to get a grip on that luggage, and i wanted to help him, but i was afraid he'd reject my help. Well he grabbed it with some difficulty and so i thought just ask! just ask! so when he was struggling a little to put that bag in the seat of the wheelchair I did it! I asked can i help you and without looking at me, he said, no i got it. I turned away quickly, feeling stupid and tried to pretend i never asked.

but i did. ask.

i get it, men don't like women to help them with stuff like that, which isn't bad but... i don't know. all i know is that i asked even though i was afraid.


Joe Dyer said...

Our job is to offer. Whether it's accepted isn't our responsibility. To care, to love requires risk to our pride.
Jesus said, 'Love one another...' I'm not motivated by a potential positive response from the person. I'm doing it as response to the love that Jesus extended to me. So even if the person turns and spits at me or doesn't say 'Thank you' if I help them, it doesn't matter. I'm not doing it to please them. I'm doing it for Him.

They Call Me Nails. said...

I'm glad you asked :)

brody said...

more people read this than you think. Older men might not want anyone to help them because they don't want acknowledge that their once strong and vital bodies are not up to what they use to be. Some like to think that no matter what shape they're in, they're strong enough to do anything. It has nothing to do with women helping, If I would have asked he would have said the same thing.
stay beautiful.