Friday, May 8, 2009

Lauren Hurt Photography

A beautiful woman by the name of Lauren Hurt gave me an impromptu photo shoot in her living room.

I hate being in front of a camera, but she has a special way of making a person feel comfortable and loved and pretty - she made me feel more at ease than ever before:)

You should definitely check out her photos:

or you can just look at the list of links on the right and click on her name! it's so simple as 123 click.

Believe me, I'm a difficult person to take photos of because I feel so squirmy and i usually look so awkward! but yeah, she's really good and you can hire her for portraits and weddings and probably any artistic thing you could think of involving photography.

btw: i made that red beanie woo

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The Hurts said...

thanks for the shout out val!